Imagine this:

It’s 8’o clock in the morning. You are late for the office. Stressed and confused, you open the wardrobe to pick out a shirt and pants. As soon as you take it out, you realize that you have missed gym for the past five days. So, you also grab a gym bag and add your workout clothes to it.

But wait, it’s also the birthday of your best buddy in the night in a club. And if you go to the gym and office, there won’t be any time left for the party. So, you decide to skip the gym once more, hoping to be back at the track tomorrow *again*.

There is one more question left to answer: Is it okay to wear formals at a club?

And there your mind goes again into an endless spiral of what to wear and what not to wear.

If this has happened to you many times, then welcome to the club. It’s the same story for most of the guys. While they are already struggling with men’s fashion trends, the question of what to wear on a particular occasion further puts them in a dilemma.

But what if we tell you that there is a category of men’s outfits that can solve all these issues instantly? Clothes that you can wear at gym, at office, at your friend’s birthday party, and even at the airport?

It’s time to get some versatile clothing for your wardrobe.

Versatile clothing for men removes all the guesswork in the morning. You no longer have to worry about changing clothes either for a party or a meeting. This way, it saves your money, make it easier to put outfits together, and ultimately helps you do more with less.

That’s good news for the environment and your bank balance!


Why Go For Versatile Clothing For Men?

1. Let’s You Do More:

By opting for versatile clothing, you get the freedom to do anything without worrying about clothes. For instance, if you really find yourself in the situation we mentioned above, you would just wear a Harfun t-shirt and pants. It will suit your office ambience, party vibe, and even gym comfort.

Also, our men’s wear collection is sweat-free. So, no more smell and wetness after gym. And you can wear the same clothes to party! In short, you #DoMore everyday.



2. Saves Time & Energy:

It’s an old stats but it revealed that men spend almost 13 minutes each day picking through their wardrobe. This equals about three days per year and four months total between the ages of 18-60.

While it isn’t that bad, the energy you spend every day on this can be frustrating. You can save your time and energy by switching to a versatile wardrobe. Add essential pieces and you are sorted for all the occasions.


3. Easy Yet Classy Styling:

You might be thinking that versatile clothing is all about just getting ready quickly for all occasions. Well, that’s not it. These men’s wear may be minimalist but the design and colours are selected in way that makes them classy no matter what.

Keep reading to know how!


Harfun’s Exclusive Collection

Nowadays, workleisure wear is turning out to be the top choice for men who want a versatile wardrobe. These workleisure clothes are suited for, as the name suggests, both “work” and “leisure” activities. For this, they are designed in a way that lets you go through the day without feeling discomfort or out-of-the-place.

Check our latest collection below and you’ll know what we are talking about!


Harfun Workday Pants

Our workday pants are stylish, premium, and comfortable. They are also:

  • Sweat-free and dry real quick
  • Wrinkle-free and never need ironing
  • Tailored fit to give you a sleek and clean look
  • Extremely lightweight that you won’t feel stuck at all
  • Highly stretchable so that you can jog or move the way you want
  • Made with a flat seam that avoids any chafing or irritation
  • Here's how how they look: 

Harfun Workday Henleys

  • Our Henleys are minimalist, comfortable, and versatile like no other tee. They are also:
  • Tech-styled for an all-direction stretch
  • Bold and sophisticated in design
  • Wrinkle-free like all our garments
  • Comfortable for all seasons
  • Abrasion-free to eliminate chafing and irritation of skin
  • Curved hemline sits firmly at the waist- so whether you lift your arms, stretch and bend , no uncomfortable ‘peep shows’
Here’s how Harfun’s Henley t-shirts look!

Excited about making your everyday easier? Check our workleisure collection now!