“What to wear or what not to wear” – this tweaked Hamletian dilemma perfectly describes the daily struggles of the majority of men. The hustle of life, career, and limited knowledge about styling  leaves little space to style one’s clothes a per the ends

But that doesn’t mean they cannot look classy. With little effort, men can spruce up their dressing-up game in no time. Following a few basic rules and styling tips can amp up the style quotient effortlessly

At Harfun, we are here to change the styling game for men by offering them clothes that are stylish, sleek, and comfortable. But first, let’s focus on the basic rules.


The Basic Rules For Dressing Up

Opt for Versatile Clothing

The Pandemic has changed the way we dress- versatility and comfort in Men’s wardrobes is one outcome. Clothes that can be styled for different occasions with minimum fuss is a key factor in this genre.

Take the Workleisure  category as an example. As the name suggests, workleisure wear allows men to seamlessly blend their lives from AM to PM.

Check our collection of Henleys and workpants and you will understand what we are talking about. In fact, our garments can also be worn at gym.


What more? Layer these Henley’s and Pants with a blazer or a denim jacket – and you are ready for the so important meeting or a night out at the pub. With our Pants and Henleys, you will be ‘Never out Of Place’!


Choose Quality Over Quantity

Whether you buy versatile clothes or go for classic suits, it’s always better to invest in good quality clothes. The reasons are simple – high-quality clothes last longer and they make you look posh.

As an experiment, just buy one quality pocket T-shirt from our collection and see how premium it feels and looks. Then, buy a t-shirt from any basic brand. It won’t take more than a second to see the stark difference in fabric, design, and the comfort.


And trust us, having a few quality clothes is always better than a wardrobe filled with clothes that don’t look and feel good.

Fit Matters

Buy a men’s clothing as expensive as you can but if the fit is not right, it can throw off the whole look. It may even make you look shorter, taller, thinner or heavier than you are. Yes, that’s how much the fit matters!

This is why, always take the time to find clothes that fit you right. A proper fit also gives you a clean and sharp look that can add more to your classiness.


Stick to Neutrals

Finding versatile and properly-fitted clothes is still easy. Finding the right colour is not. You may want to opt for powerful colours such as neon green or orange to make a statement. But wait, we are talking about dressing that’s easy and classy.

For that, always stick to neutral colours like white, black, navy, olive, grey, khaki, and brown.

They are not overpowering and you can pair them with different outfits.

At Harfun, we have specifically chosen neutral colours for our men’s collection. They are super easy to style and you can wear them anywhere – from gym to office. Moreover, dull colours look sophisticated and exclusive.



Prioritise Comfort

Sometimes, the rules of dressing up well apply to things outside your wardrobe. Your comfort, for instance, matters a lot.

If you are not feeling comfortable, your styling game will not be on point. But if your clothes are perfectly fitted and don’t irritate your skin at all, you will be more confident and happy. All this will strongly impact your overall look.

And as you can guess, we have taken care of this fact too.

Each of our men’s wear is designed to give you maximum comfort. From flat seams that prevents chaffing to the all-way stretch for better mobility, we have built our garment keeping your comfort on top of our minds.

Our tech-first fabric also dries real quick so that you don’t have to worry about those sweat patches. 


 Be Confident

It won’t be an overstatement if we say that the “C” in Classy stands for “Confidence”.

Check any guide of styling tips for men and you will find definitely find this one. Being confident sends a strong signal that affects the “aura” you give off – and even the clothes you wear.

So, don’t just work on building a great wardrobe but also building your confidence.



To Sum Up!

Remember: No one is born with a styling sense. It is a skill you acquire by practice. And in this case, you don’t even need that. Just invest in the right clothes and most of your job is done.


Start today.