After what felt like an eternity, it’s time to get dressed again and go to the office. Work from home has now ended for the majority of companies. Even the tech giants like Google and Tech Mahindra have asked employees to return to offices on a hybrid work model.

But as more and more employees are migrating from their living rooms back to the office, there is one question that still hampers them all – what to wear?


The Pandemic Switch: How Work Wear Is Evolving

During the pandemic, a lot changed. In fact, almost everything changed. The way we live, the way we dress, and the way we work; 'work from home' was the new trend. We all became accustomed to hopping on online meets with colleagues from our kitchens, wearing pyjamas and the comfort that came with relaxed attires has now become addictive. It is evident from the way they are dressing now. Polo collar and Henley t-shirts are replacing formal shirts while new-age pants with drawstring waistbands have replaced stiff belted trousers.

In fact, a whole new category of “workleisure” in men’s clothing is seeping its way into the mainstream fashion.  And no, it’s not just about turning T-shirts and joggers into work wear; rather, ‘Workleisure’ apparel is fashion repurposed intelligently by adding innovative functionality that delivers both performance and comfort. Apparel gurus have called workleisure the ‘work- life-balance’ of garments.

During the last two years, we all witnessed how technology and science contributed in making our lives easier. From zoom calls to the vaccinations, their role kept getting bigger and pivotal. So, we thought, why can’t the same happen with work wear? Can technology create versatile clothing for men? The answer we found gave us – Work Wear 2.0.

Let’s dive into workleisure apparel that helps the man of today do more!


Introducing the HARFUN Work Wear 2.0: Your Answer to Versatile Clothing for Men

Imagine work wear with the lens of Harfun. What you will see would be a wardrobe where your clothes are extremely comfortable, wrinkle-free, sweat-free, ultra-soft, breathable, quick-dry, and classy.

This is what work wear 2.0 is all about. A collection of versatile clothing for men that blends style, comfort, and functionality to make sure your day is all about doing more.

And how did we do that? We infused innovation with technology. Each of Harfun’s work wear 2.0 garment is created with tech-first fabric. Pick up any product – be it pants, t-shirts, joggers, hoodies or shorts, you get fabric that flows with your body ensuring the garment fits perfectly. Say goodbye to stretched collars, hanging hemlines and pointed knees, and hello to garments that never fade, remain sweat free, feel light to wear, soft to touch and most importantly never lose shape. Ergonomic designs with advanced pattern making techniques, our garments elevate fit and comfort to a new level. The attention to detail includes usage of high stretch elastic filament threads that stretch and ensure ease of movement; meanwhile, our garments can confidently say NO crumpling, puckering or messy gathering of fabric at the seams.

The Tech Factor is not just restricted to the fabric and thread but finds expression in the designs as well. Style, Functionality, Comfort and ‘YOU’ the modern man are marked very high on our priority list.  Take for example our workday pants – we took a hard look at the existing constricting waistbands, structured fabrics, open pockets, and put thought into our pants so that they are truly versatile. Our Workwear 2.0 workday pants have smart flex waistbands, zippered pockets that secure your belongings, are wrinkle-free and luxuriously soft. Comfort styled to take you from AM to PM with ease.

In simple words, we use technology and science to create futuristic clothes that change the way you look and feel. These clothes let you transition from work to work out without having to worry about changing.


Why Switch To This New Work Wear For Men?

“Sure, you have comfort and technology but why should I switch?”
Well, that’s a reasonable question you might ask and we have all the perfect reasons for you. Keep reading!

Helps You #DoMore:

Be it our Henley T’s, Workday Shirts or Workday pants, each of Harfun’s collection is made to help you do more all day. Wear Harfun in the morning and sail seamlessly into another space or occasion without feeling the need to change. 

Want to go to office? They are perfect.
Time to hit the gym after office? No need to change at all.
Feel like partying with friends? They are perfect again.
All this is possible with just any one of our garments- That’s how versatile they are.

All Day Comfort

For men and Harfun, comfort is always the priority. If you are on the same page, you are going to love our work clothes for men. We have invested a lot in ensuring that the fabric we use Is top notch in terms of quality, appearance and feel.  Soft to wear and touch, the garment bends and stretches to accommodate your every move.

You can also say goodbye to chaffing since the seams in our garments are flat and margin-free. They just don’t irritate your skin at all. What more? The clothes are also lightweight, breathable, and luxuriously soft.

So work, play, dance, or just sit on your sofa – be comfortable and stress-free, all day long.

Premium Styling In Minutes

Fashion is a fickle thing. It changes every now and then. Style, however, is a different matter. That’s what most men focus on. A wardrobe that is easy maintenance, can be dressed up with a denim jacket or an unstructured blazer, is compatible with your favourite pair of sneakers and remains stylishly smart through the day. 

Harfun’s versatile clothing for men has all these ingredients.

Take our Stone Grey Workday Pants as an example.

With tapered legs and a back yoke  that contours your shape effortlessly, you can get an “on the move” look instantly. The Concealed zipper and ‘mock fly’ adds to the clean smart silhouette that that conveys style and ease. Just pair it with any Henley T or our Workday Shirt  and you are sorted for the day.


Way to Futuristic Style

Time has changed and so has the way we dress. Now, there is no clear rule on what you can wear in office. So why not take advantage of this and create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle?

Go for something that helps you do more, enjoy more, and relax more. If this statement clicks in your mind too, check our latest collection of versatile clothing for men. We have pants, joggers, shorts, t-shirts, shirts and jackets that can match your style effortlessly.

Here is to the future!